DUNE is a range that evokes strong emotions, which makes memories resound and ignites the desire to explore.
MET is inspired by the metropolis, the fulcrum of modern society, where cultural change is constantly evolving
Italia is an elegant register embossing proposal, it is brand new while winking at tradition. The homogeneous layout allows a great variation of uses and compositions
Jungle is a snappy collection. The decors have as principal feature a refined simplicity which allows a versatile use
Atom is pure energy. The product combines the technical features of strength and regeneration with the aesthetic ones of extreme matt and materiality
Club is the quintessence of the Synchro woods designs.
The texture with its clear pore and the different glossy levels gives a warm effect to the creation
Elegant and extreme this is Manhattan. Its three shading levels of matt give you tactile and visual sensations
Stone shaped through times, Rio is now showing itself
in all its beauty
Nirvana is a materials inspired collection,
matched with a deep structured finish
Olympus is a divine marbles range,
with a strong innovative character
Malibu is redefining the concept
of elegance
A modern, elegant woodgrain, with great character and reminiscent of summer in an orchard
Scratched and stripped with a shabby chic feel
A very matt, deep Synchropore finish all with a natural touch of untreated wood
Timelessly elegant half-flamed planked wood, interpreted in a very modern and synchronised way
An irregular flamed woodgrain with a very large scale and includes important cathedrals
A range of bright, fresh and fun colour with a register embossed pore finish
A very matt finish with a deep and modern pore
A panel with a finish forged by time, evoking metropolitan scenarios
High-impact with a rush of adrenaline, this collection is inspired by the materials used in motor racing
A very matt, structured finish with a pleasant texture matched with beautiful shades of fabric
A modern and exciting finish
Laccata has a smooth matt finish
Range of decorative laminates with the same colour from the surface all the way through
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