We are a dynamic, constantly evolving company which has made innovation its mission, taking a new approach to production, management and creativity. Pre-empting trends and proposing new decorative solutions, we have quickly earned the trust of operators in the sector.
We are characterised by our constant research into the product: prestigious raw materials, state-of-the-art technologies and an insatiable creative talent are our greatest strengths. We then add meticulous attention to our customer's requirements with tailor-made style. Now you have a complete picture of the offering that we develop, create and distribute all over the world for the fitting, furniture and construction industries.
We manufacture melamine panels and laminates with a very high technical and aesthetic performance, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and our in-depth study of all the materials used. By investing in raw materials and equipment, we are able to conceive and create brand new, revolutionary decorations and finishes such as synchronised pore laminate, of which we were the first company to produce and introduce into the market.
Lastly, we produce decorative panels on a MDF base and methacrylate, all with high-impact graphic and visual effects which are particularly well suited to commercial furnishing: Matrix, Onda and BiOnda.
In Italy and France, we distribute Gentas the leading Turkish manufacture of HPL and CPL. Gentas, a listed company, makes a very wide range of decorations, formats and finishes available to its customers. The ideal field of application of Gentas products is within the furniture industry, particularly kitchens.
In Italy, we distribute Homapal, the undisputed leader in metallic HPL. Within its German plant, Homapal makes laminates with real metal, using an industrial process, but with an artistic and sometimes artisan vein which makes the product unique. The entire Homapal range is stocked in Germany and is available for express delivery. The warehouses in Turin and Milan have a selection of Homapal products which are always in stock.
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