At SM'art we have undertaken a mission to improve the impact of our production: respect for the environment, attention to sustainability and use of clean and renewable energies, our green mission follows all these paths, in harmony with the ambitious project of the Green Deal, to which all citizens and nations are called to work responsibly in the next ten years, in implementation of the Agenda 2030 program.

We’re proud to do our part and we’re committed in the energy transition, to contribute to the increase in the percentage of final consumption of energy coming from renewable sources, in particular through photovoltaics.
That’s why we have equipped ourselves with a "green roof", built in 2018 for our factory: a photovoltaic panel system for a production of approximately 400 kWh.
In the name of renewable energy and sensitivity to the environment, we have invested in eco-sustainable means for the internal handling of materials. Thanks to our electric forklifts that work with lithium-ion batteries, we reduce energy consumption.

The factory lighting has been converted, investing in a total LED installation which allows a drastic reduction of the energy consumption.

Thanks to our well, the water used in the company comes directly from subsoil, enabling us not to waste precious resources of potable water.

We also pay a great attention to the use of raw materials in the products we use and transform; all products from forest origin belong to a certified Chain of Custody that guarantees responsible collection in the name of safeguarding biodiversity, carbon isolation and improving water supply. Furthermore, the raw materials we use contain, on average, a minimum of 35% of recycled materials.

Finally, our sense of responsibility for a lower environmental impact is witnessed by the separate collection in which we are committed over the 50%.

At SM'art we therefore invest in environmental sustainability and are committed to building a greener and human-sized world: our products are destined to enter the homes and daily lives of the final user and it is important for us that they convey our message and our commitment to a better future.
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